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What is Truth?

When governors ask questions, there should be answers.

Long ago, Governor Pilate was in an awkward situation as the Jews were trying to crucify Jesus and were seeking his help, and his  inquiry was, “What is truth?”

It seems that this governor’s question has been a universal question throughout the ages,  and in fact one that different people have tried to answer. But, reason convinces us that the wide variety of answers to that question can not all be right. Truth is absolute, not vague or negotiable.

Recently another governor had a difficult situation, too.  And so, Governor Jan Brewer  had a question for our federal government. Since there was no answer forthcoming, she (with the support of the majority living in Arizona) came up with an appropriate answer at the state level.

The answers to governors’ questions are not always easy to give. In fact, hard questions tend to be put on the back burner, so to speak. That’s what the federal government did with Brewer’s question.

And, that’s what many people do with Pilate’s question.

Governor Jan Brewer and Governor Pilate both asked hard questions. Brewer needed to answer her own. Yet, all of us need to answer Pilate’s. And, for the sake of our eternal destiny, we need to answer it correctly.


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